Helping Animals Since 1977

About Animalert

Animalert was founded in London, Ontario, Canada in 1977 by four animal lovers who wanted to ensure that pets were adopted by caring guardians. We now have about 35 active members, plus our large network of volunteers, which helps us spread the word about our adoption program and raise funds to offset our operating expenses. We are able to place about 250 cats and dogs a year into responsible, loving homes. Not bad for a volunteer group, but we'd like to do better and with your help, we can!

Animalert focuses on three main areas: Adoption, Education, and Spaying/Neutering.

Animalert works independently of the London Humane Society and London Animal Care and Control Centre. We raise all of our money through adoption fees, private donations and fundraising efforts. Because we have virtually no administrative overhead, approximately 90 percent of our money is used for veterinary care, food and housing.

SafePet Ontario Program

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If life at home is changing because of domestic and/or intimate partner violence, Animalert wants to help you. Don’t let the threat of losing your dogs or cats stop you from getting to safety.

By visiting the SafePet Ontario webpage you will get details of a new resource to help you find a safe place for your companion animals. Our organization helps this program by offering foster homes.

Get connected with your counsellor/advocate or caseworker from Anova, London Abused Women’s Centre, or Victim Services of Middlesex London to help you get a direct referral to this program.

Rescued Hearts Remembered

Read stories of special friends who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

Surrendering a pet is a big decision.

Please visit our Surrender Your Petpage for more information on how Animalert might be able to help.