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Can & Bottle Drive (Recycle & Save Lives)


Help Animalert by donating your empty pop cans, beer cans & bottles, liquor/wine bottles (glass & plastic) & bladders in boxed wine (+ more) to us!

If you can save the following recyclable items, we can pick them up once a week - simply call 519-451-6268.

Please note:

  • We take containers with a deposit - beer cans & bottles, wine bottles & bladders from boxed wine, liquor bottles (plastic & glass).

  • We take aluminum pop cans + aluminum pet food tins (washed with labels removed). Please check the container using a magnet - it will NOT stick to aluminum.

  • Some pet food comes in a tin container - we do NOT take these - they can be recycled in your regular blue box.

  • Please collect similar containers in boxes or clear plastic bags if possible (i.e. do NOT mix dissimilar containers in the same bag/box).

Thank you for helping us help animal companions needing vet care, fostering and re-homing. You are making a big difference in our community.
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