Helping Animals Since 1977

General Information Regarding Our Adoption Service

When a pet comes into one of our foster homes, we have our veterinarian assess its health, vaccinate it and spay/neuter it at the appropriate age. We then network, promote & advertise to find permanent guardians for all cats & dogs listed with us.

We also arrange adoptions for guardians who, for a variety of reasons, can no longer keep their pets. These animals may or may not have been recently checked by their veterinarian so we cannot warrant the health of these animals still living with their original guardian. It is recommended that any new adoptive guardian have their veterinarian assess the overall health of the animal that interests them before they make a permanent commitment to adopting the animal.

Once we place an animal in a new home, we make several follow-up phone calls and we stipulate that, if the placement doesn't work out, the new guardian will return the animal to our care.

What to expect when adopting a pet from us

Because we do not have a shelter, all of our pets are kept either in foster care or in their current home.

When you contact us to inquire about a pet, for selected applicants we will complete a short preliminary application over the telephone (not every applicant will receive a call). The application gives us a clear idea of which of our pets is best suited to your lifestyle and household. At that point, we can arrange for you to meet the pet that interests you.