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Jasper the incredible unsung dog hero that will always be remembered

Jasper the incredible unsung dog hero that will always be remembered

We met Jasper at a Pet Adoption Day at the Pet Valu February 1, 1014. His owners loved him, but could not keep him any longer due to medical issues. Jasper saved his master twice, getting help by scratching his human mom awake in the middle of the night to come help. His mom was thinking with some annoyance that Jasper needed out but instead he led her to the bedside of his beloved master. Ambulances were called and his master was saved two times! Jasper is an incredible unsung dog hero.

We did not see Jasper right away at the adoption event because he was trying out all the nice dog beds at the back of the store. However, once we saw him, we knew he was for us.

Jasper quickly became best friends with our Rat Terrier Roxy, largely because he was so tolerant of her. He taught Roxy to help the foster dogs, or at least accept them. But mostly Jasper changed our lives, he brought us into Animalert and showed us how to bring along the shy dogs. He made it his duty to greet the new dogs and to show them how to be at home in their foster home.

Jasper was a welcoming dog. At the dog park he always greeted all new arrivals no matter how tired he was.

Jasper was not with us long enough, he went to the Rainbow Bridge early Thanksgiving weekend 2015. Cancer took him. We grieve him terribly and miss him so much.

Of course, We continue fostering dogs and we know he is pleased at what he got started. Surely on the rainbow bridge he is running to the entrance gate with every new arrival. One day that new arrival will all his loved ones from earth. 

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