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Levi the best dog, his adoptive parent fell in love with

Levi the best dog, his adoptive parent fell in love with

I got the call today, the call that nobody wants to get as a foster mom. Hi Shirley, it's Levi's dad, catch of breath and a sob, we lost Levi today, he's gone, he was the best dog I ever had and I miss him so much already, what am I going to do? Levi's Dad, a big outspoken, rough, tough man is breaking in two over the loss of his beloved Levi. 

Let me tell you Levi's story, we got a call from one of our volunteers who knew of a dog that some people wanted rid of, their family pet that they had owned for 6 years. I asked why they wanted rid of him, we don't have time for him anymore and he counter surfs they say. Sigh, ok, let's go visit the dog and see if we can find a spot for him. So, we get to this very crowded, cluttered, small townhouse, with food all over the counters. They bring out Levi, who had been locked in the basement and out comes this gorgeous very skinny Rhodesian Ridgeback. He is so friendly and loving, even though he spends his days locked in the basement of this family home. He is very tall for a Ridgie and grossly underweight. What I remember most about this owner surrender is that when I loaded up their lifelong loyal dog into my car, they were standing on the porch laughing and having a great time. Long story short, we find a foster home for him, feed him up, treat his various ailments, get his vetting completed and then start looking for someone who will give Levi the attention he deserves. 

Along comes Levi's potential new Mom and Dad and his possibly new Ridgie sister. You see, they live out in the country and have 50 acres to roam. They make their own dehydrated treats because nothing can be too good for their Ridgy. They know the breed, love the breed and are willing to work with Levi and give him the love and care that he so deserves. After all the usual checks and balances, they say they have fallen in love and could they please take him home. With the foster family standing by, crying tears of happy joy, off goes Levi to his new happy forever home. Levi's dad gave me lots of updates, even with laughter recalling how they had a big party and the ham was sitting out on the counter, need I say more.

Levi only had about a year of pure joy and abounding love, we have to remember 1 year is better than none at all. I will see you at the bridge Levi.

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