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Remembering special friends who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

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Princess is Dearly Missed by her Family.


 4 years ago we adopted a little rescue by the name of Fawn and we changed her name to Princess.We lost our sweet little girl  Thursday May 10th. She was a very sweet loving little girl and we miss her terribly. In the four years we had her she never was a barker. We thought she had no vocal cords but one morning 2 years ago she started barking when she heard her food being prepared. She only barked for food then. We tried to walk her but as soon as she lost sight of her house she panicked and we brought her home to the backyard which she loved! She loved her king sized bed and we still reach out at night to pet her. About a month ago she stopped eating and we took her to the vet and she had blood work done and x-rays.  Her liver had a mass on it and after trying different foods and giving her stimulants to eat, we were not successful.  We all know rescues eat and love to eat !!! We had her cremated and her ashes are home now. But we miss her and today is one week already. She's at peace and there is no more suffering. Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to have her and show her love. Thank you Animalert for giving us such a beautiful and loving gift.   Mike and Shirley

Remembering the Big "E"
Stanley is missed by his family.