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Remembering little precious Zeppy


We want to thank Kerri, Diane & Jim, for the love and support of Zeppy, without you we could not have given him the love he so deserved in the last months of his life... for that we will be forever grateful.

The hardest part of loving a dog is always the goodbye and THANK YOU for being there for him. 

R.I.P Sweet Zeppy 10/23/2018

From his Forever Mom & Dad...

Although Zeppy was part of our family for a very short time, we fell in love with him the very moment he was introduced to us by his very loving foster mom Kerri. The decision to open our home and our hearts to him was instantaneous.

Our 5 year old Dachshund "Fender" wasn't quite sure at first what to make of silly Zeppy but she too fell under his spell within a very short time. They became quite the duo especially when someone was at the door! What a concert that was!

Zeppy's favorite activiy was no doubt cuddling and sleeping but he also enjoyed our daily family walks in the neighborhood and surprisingly had quite the spring in his 11 year old steps!

Sadly, Zeppy's health took a turn for the worse and we had to make the excruciating decision to let him go...We were hoping to have a few years to grow together but it was not meant to be...what was meant to be was for Zeppy to have been loved and spoiled for the last few months of his life. For this, we are forever grateful.

We will never forget Zeppy and the joy he brought to this entire family and to everyone who had the pleasure of meeting him! We miss you little dude!  

 Loved and always remembered

Diane & Jim

From his Foster Mom,  Kerri......

Many of you may know, but we had to say goodbye to our beautiful boy Zeppy on October 23rd. He had a terminal neurological issue. Zeppy showed huge improvements in his time with us and I'm so happy that I got to spend two months with this little hairless lovebug in my family. I'm confident that we did everything we could to give him a happy and nurturing environment for the three months he was with Animalert and his perfect forever family. If you are easily offended, do not read the following poem that was written for Zeppy. But it was cathartic to write and remains true...

Amongst all dogs, Zeppy was the absolute zenith.
He looked like a muppet, and felt like a penis.

He arrived old and hairless, and peed in the house,
But then he learned to wear sweaters and a vet took his nuts out.

Zeppy adjusted and began to feel brave,
he had cuddles and kisses and was no longer in pain.

He dashed through the grass, chasing the rabbits,
found the energy of a young dog, and would not call it quits.

Zeppy met his sister Fender, and parents Diane and Jim,
The Zepster now had multiple families who loved him!

He learned to make friends, play, nap and walk,
but petting him remained similar to stroking a c*ck.

Although his time with us was much too short,
Zeppy will always have a place in our hearts.

Robbie R.I.P. Sweet boy!
Remembering the Big "E"