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Robbie R.I.P. Sweet boy!

Robbie R.I.P Sweet Boy!

We are devastated to let everyone know that Robbie has lost his battle with Heartworm. We wanted so much more for this sweet affectionate boy! He deserved so much more!
He was just barely 2 years old. You could not have asked for a sweeter, affectionate boy as Robbie.

Robbie had the odds against him right from the start of his life ... he was more than likely born with his heart murmur & then lived his life as stray. Then he was one of the unfortunate dogs to come in contact with a mosquito that was carrying the deadly Heartworm!

We were cautiously starting his on Heartworm treatment when his heart starting failing him...he was losing weight like crazy, no matter how much we fed him... he was growing more lethargic each day. His heart just could not support him any longer, so we made the humane decision to let him go to make the walk across the Rainbow Bridge, to wait for us on the other side.
It is never an easy decision to make as a rescuer as you will always wonder if there was something else we could have done, did we miss something that would have helped?

What we do know is Robbie felt safe and loved in his foster home for the last couple of months, he never had to scavenge for food, he was warm and dry and for that, we are thankful for. He always had a funny goofy smile to let us know that he appreciated his new found love & home. In hindsight, I wish we had taken a couple of picture of his goofy smile!

Rest in Peace sweet Robbie, we wanted so much more for you in this life but you are free of pain and suffering now.

Rescue is pain.
Rescue is joy.
Rescue is worth it... because they are worth it.

Heartworm is out there, here in Ontario! ...PLEASE protect your pets from this deadly disease!

This would have been our 5th case of Heartworm this year. 

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