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Sweetie Gone but never forgotten! 2010 - 2019


Gone but never forgotten! 2010 - 2019

This wonderful girl was born in October of 2010 and was surrendered to Animalert in January of 2017, as an owner surrender. At the age of 7 years old Sweetie was looking for a new forever home, sometimes at that age, it is hard to find them a new home, because not everyone wants to adopt an older dog and a black dog at that!
With Sweetie, they were wrong, she was named Sweetie for a reason! She was a sweet girl, who loved her humans and would do anything for them! She was well behaved in the home and was obedient and loyal to the end. She was a little bossy with other dogs but that was the border collie in her coming out! She just had to be the "Fun Police" when the other dogs were having just too much fun for her liking!
Before we could find Sweetie her perfect "forever", in May of 2017, she was diagnosed with Lymphoma and was given 6 months to a year to live. We took her to the oncologist, who gave us options, but neither would stop the inevitable from happening. So, the decision was made to keep her "Forever in foster" and keep her happy and comfortable until the time came for her to cross the bridge.

Two years later, Sweetie was a strong girl and fighting the good fight! A warrior until the end, still telling the other dogs off, making sure they followed the rules! Still getting up on the bed for nighttime cuddles! Amazing what love, good food, and vet care can do for a dog!

Then she finally let us know that she was done, tired of fighting the fight. She was not the bossy sassy lady anymore, she spent a lot of time sleeping, not happy when the other dogs came near her. She was telling us it was time to let her go.

I have to say it was a pleasure to have been her Foster Mom for the last 2 years of her life! She welcomed a lot of other foster dogs and puppies into our home over those two years. It is nice to know that she played a small part in helping them find their very own forever home. Especially all the puppies that were fostered here, she played a big part in their lives while they were here!
Sweetie, you will also be remembered by Kevin and myself for the love you gave us!
We wish you happy trails at the Rainbow Bridge…

Goodbyes are not forever… only until we meet again! See you at the Bridge! 

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